SWAT / Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD)

Duties & Responsibilities

The team responds to sniper situations, hostage situations, barricaded gunman situations, major felony arrest situations, high risk search warrants, and any other situations as determined by the shift supervisor or other supervisory personnel.

The SWAT team is a unit of the Support Services Division and reports to the Support Services Division Commander through the Departmental GDI and the SWAT / EOD sergeant. The SWAT / Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) team sergeant administrates and supervises the SWAT team. The SWAT / EOD team sergeant reports to the incident commander on scene at any critical incident where SWAT has been requested.

Team Members

  • Team Sergeant - The team sergeant is appointed by the chief of police and the Support Services Division Commander. The team sergeant is responsible for the overall supervision of SWAT personnel during SWAT training exercises and call-outs.
  • Team Members - Team members are a combination of SWAT and sniper members who serve under the direct supervision of the team sergeant.
  • Chemical Weapons Personnel - There are two chemical weapon positions to be filled on the SWAT. These member personnel are tasked with handling and deploying all chemical agents currently used by the team. Also, these team members serve on the entry search teams and are assigned to carry any other special equipment assigned to him or her at the time.

EOD Team

Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Technicians are law enforcement officers who are specifically trained to render safe and dispose of explosive ordnance, incendiary material and improvised devices and who are currently assigned as disposal ordnance technicians.

The EOD team are only responsible for explosive ordnance, incendiary devices, and improvised devices. The EOD team is compromised of three officers: Sergeant Chris Jacques, Officer Victor Cleveland and Officer Matt Bailey.