City Court

Payment Options

The City of Cleveland offers various ways to pay your citation.

  • Online at:
  • By mail: Make checks payable to the City of Cleveland. Do not mail cash or use bank counter checks. To insure proper posting, please include the citation number on your check and mail to:
         City of Cleveland
         P.O. BOX 1519
         Cleveland, TN 37364
  • In person: The Municipal Building is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards are accepted. Go to:
         Cleveland Municipal Building
         190 Church Street NE
         Cleveland, TN 37311
  • Our drop box located outside the front door of Municipal Building for payments. Please be sure to include a copy of your citation or write the citation number on your check.
  • We do not accept payment over the phone.

If you need to show you had insurance at the time you were ticketed or if you wish to contest any charge on your citation, you must come to court on your scheduled court date.

If your ticket was on a large sheet of paper, please call Bradley County Justice Center 423-728-7048 for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Municipal Court held? Cleveland Police Service Center 100 Church Street NE, Cleveland TN 37311

What time is court? Court is held on Thursdays. For the time, please contact the Court Clerk at 423-559-3309.

Can I get an extension or a different court date? Please contact the Court Clerk before your court date. The Court Clerk may be able to give you one extension. If you have already had an extension, you will have to come to court and speak to the Judge on your court date.

Do I have to attend court? No. The only reasons you need to appear in court are to show proof of insurance (if you were insured the date the citation was written) or if you wish to contest the citation.

I was told I can bring my Proof of Insurance to your office instead of coming to court. Is this correct? No. You need to bring to court on your scheduled court date Proof of Insurance showing you were insured the day you received the citation.

I missed my court date and just want to pay the citation. Are there extra fees? Please call our office if your court date has passed to find out the amount of the citation.

What happens if I miss court? A default judgement has been entered against you and no extension can be given. You will have 10 days from your court date to pay, or the citation will be sent to the State of Tennessee.

Can someone come for me to show proof of insurance or ask for more time to pay? Yes, as long as the person comes on your court date. Please bring the insurance card showing you were covered on the date your citation was given to you.

What happens if I pay a citation late? You will need to come to the office to pay the citation so we can give you of the necessary paperwork you will need for the State of Tennessee.

I received a letter from the State of Tennessee regarding my license. What do I do? Contact our office regarding the unpaid citation. When it is paid, we will give you the information to take to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).