Victim & Witness Rights

Victim's Rights are mandated by Title 40, Chapter 38 of the Tennessee State Law and Article I Section 35 of the Tennessee Constitution. Members of the Cleveland Police Department shall be familiar with the Tennessee Victims' Bill of Rights (T.C.A. Title 40 Chapter 38 Part I) and the Rights of Victims of Crimes (Tennessee Constitution Article I Section 35) and shall treat all victims of crime, and witnesses, with compassion and dignity, and shall afford them all rights set forth in these laws.

Rights of Victims of Crimes – Tennessee Constitution Article I Section 35 

To preserve and protect the rights of victims of crime to justice and due process, victims shall be entitled to the following basic rights:

  • The right to confer with the prosecution.
  • The right to be free from intimidation, harassment and abuse throughout the criminal justice system.
  • The right to be present at all proceedings where the defendant has the right to be present.
  • The right to be heard, when relevant, at all critical stages of the criminal justice process as defined by General Assembly.
  • The right to be informed of all proceedings, and of the release, transfer or escape of the accused or convicted person.
  • The right to a speedy trial or disposition and a prompt and final conclusion of the case after the conviction or sentence.
  • The right to restitution from the offender.
  • The right to be informed of each of the rights established for victims.


  • Cleveland Police Department
    100 Church Street NE
    Cleveland, TN 37311
    Phone: 423-476-1121
    • Criminal investigations
    • Transportation for victim/witness if necessary
    • Protection of victim/witnesses if necessary
    • Contact point for referral to other service agencies
    • District Attorney's Office
  • 10th Judicial District Attorney's Office - Victim/Witness Coordinator's Office
    93 N. Ocoee Street
    Cleveland, TN 37311
    Phone: 423-472-2179
    • Assistance in preparation for court appearance
    • Case coordination between all parties and agencies involved
    • Assistance in obtaining financial restitution
    • Referral to other service agencies for assistance Travel and accommodations as necessary for victim/witnesses
  • Bradley County Department of Children Services
    2703 Commerce Drive
    Cleveland, TN 37311
    Phone: 423-478-0351
    • Matters involving neglect/abuse of minors
    • Placement of minor victims into care and custody
    • Referral to other service agencies for assistance
  • Hiwassee Mental Health Center
    940 S. Ocoee Street
    Cleveland, TN 37311
    Phone: 423-479-5454
    • Mental health counseling and support
    • Referral to other service agencies for assistance
  • Children's Advocacy Center
    2600 Executive Park Drive
    Cleveland, TN 37312
    Phone: 423-790-5740
    • Counseling for Abused and Neglected Kids
    • Referral to other service agencies for assistance
  • American Red Cross
    304 20th Street SE
    Cleveland, TN 37311
    Phone: 423-472-1595
    • Immediate emergency assistance such as food, clothing, temporary shelter and medicine for persons affected by disaster
  • Bradley County General Sessions/Criminal Court Clerks
    Bradley County Justice Center
    2250 Blythe Avenue SE
    Cleveland, TN 37311
    Phone: 423-728-7049
    • Court and trial related information
  • Bradley County Juvenile Office
    Juvenile Justice Center
    1620 Johnson Boulevard
    Cleveland, TN 37311
    Phone: 423-728-7257
    • All matters involving juvenile offenders
  • Department of Treasury
    Division of Claims Administration
    Criminal Injuries Compensation
    9th Floor, Andrew Jackson Building
    Nashville, TN 37219
    Phone: 615-741-2734
    • Financial compensation for innocent victims of violent crimes
  • Rape and Sexual Abuse Center
    101 French Landing Drive
    Nashville, TN 37228
    24 Hour Crisis Line: 1-800-879-1999
    Phone: 259-9055
    • Counsel and support for rape victims
    • Assistance in reporting rape to law enforcement
  • Harbor Safe House
    Phone: 423-476-3886
    • Counseling, support, and shelter for domestic violence victims