The records unit is under supervision of the Support Services Manager.

The Records Unit is the depository for all original police reports, completed either electronically or hand written. These include offense reports, crash reports, arrest reports, field interviews, etc.


The unit is responsible for entering, updating, validating, and submission of statistical data to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Records personnel also answer incoming phone calls to the department and serve the public in the front lobby by answering questions, distributing reports, and contacting officers and supervision as needed.

Public records requests must be made in person, by phone and via mail services. Citizens requesting reports are encouraged to bring a case number for their request. In addition, the incident location, date, and names of parties involved will help expedite your request.

Records Requests

Records requests may be made 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday excluding holidays at the Cleveland Police Service Center.

 Records Types and Availability

  • Arrest Reports -Only for those individuals arrested, ID required
  • Offense / Incident Reports - Closed investigation case files with approval from the District Attorney's (DA's) Office or Chief of Police
    • Excludes – Active criminal investigation case files
  • Traffic Accidents - Please allow 3 to 5 business days from date of incident for report processing
  • Traffic Homicide - Please allow 3 to 5 business days from date of report completion for report processing
  • Special / Multiple Records Request - Requesting of more the 4 Reports
  • Fingerprinting - Contact John Cook, (423) 478-5252
  • Local Records Check - General Sessions Court, (423) 728-7048
    • 2230 Blythe Avenue S
      Cleveland, TN 37311
  • Property Pick-Up - Call the Property / Evidence custodian at (423) 476-1123
  • Pictures
    • Traffic Accident - Investigating Officer, (423) 476-1121
    • Criminal Incident / Offense - DA's Office at (423) 472-2179
  • 911 / Phone / Radio Recordings - Contact Communications Manager at (423) 478-8846