Cleveland @ Your Service

The City of Cleveland has a mobile app available to iOS and Android users. The app, "Cleveland @ Your Service" is available to assist residents, visitors and business owners in reporting issues and problems to the City. In addition to the service request feature, the app includes additional tools to help the public connect to city hall. Below are some screen shots of the mobile app. 

In order to submit a service request using the app, a user must create an account with "Cleveland @ Your Service". This account will not be shared with third parties and will be used to provide you with status updates of your request. Some of the other unique features of the app include:

  • A modern, streamlined user interface;
  • Improved GPS mapping, including map based selection of service location;
  • The ability to easily upload a photo along with customer service request.

Users can schedule a bulk-item trash pickup, request a dump truck; report a pothole; receive text, email, phone or in app notifications when a service request has been completed and also share completed service requests on Facebook or Twitter.

Available to download for iOS (Apple) devices on the iTunes Store: Click here to download the Cleveland @ Your Service mobile app from the iTunes Store (iOS)

Available to download for Android devices on Google Play: Click here to download the Cleveland @ Your Service mobile app from Google play (Android) 

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