Tip411 - Submit A Tip

The public is our greatest crime fighting resource and we want the citizens of Cleveland to share suspicious activity, drugs, domestic violence, and other crimes to help make our community safer to live, visit, and work. 

Police Chief Mark Gibson announces the launch of a free app, TIP411, to help residents connect with the Cleveland Police Department, find information, view alerts, and submit anonymous tips from their smartphone and smart devices.

Any tips sent through the Tip411 app will be completely anonymous, and all identifying information is removed before police receive a tip. The public may share an anonymous tip with police, and officers can respond back to create an anonymous two-way conversation. Tips received can be managed and sorted by police.

Please remember that Tip411 is not meant for emergencies.  ALWAYS CALL 911 IN AN EMERGENCY.

tip411 -CPD

WRCB TV News Video on Cleveland PD / Bradley Co Sheriff Dept use of TIP411 (2017)