Cleveland Community Service



The Bradley / Cleveland Community Services has nine board members and one alternate board member. They are city and county officials and serve an indefinite term.

Governing Board

  • Tom Cassada (City)
  • Avery Johnson (City)
  • Walter Goode
  • Jim Smith
  • Howard Thompson
  • Gary Davis
  • Joe Fivas (Alternate)

Administering Board

  • Carl Shrewsbury
  • Eloise Waters
  • Jackie Callaway
  • Adonia Johnson
  • Carl Norton
  • Betty Person
  • Tommie Olsson
  • Sonny Hicks


  • Enforcement of compliance with all conditions of the Community Services administration, Department of Labor, and the Department of Health, Education and Welfare and other applicable grant programs.
  • Selection of the committees to provide liaison with the agency.
  • Determination, subject to the Community Services Administration's and/or other applicable federal agencies' regulations and policies, of all fiscal and personnel controls and policies.
  • The right to determination and final approval after recommendation by the administering board of all program plans, priorities, program proposals and budgets.
  • Selection, appointment, removal or the replacement of the executive director.
  • Final ratification upon recommendation by the executive director of appointment or replacement of all staff positions.
  • Determination, subject to Community Services Administration and other applicable federal agencies' regulations and policies, the rules of procedure for the governing board.
  • Selection of the officers of the governing board.