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The Mayor's Thoughts

The Museum Center at 5ive Points has become an arts, entertainment and educational resource with something for everyone.

Hassan Najjar, the museum center's executive director, reviewed the 2013-2014 events and achievements during a presentation to the City Council on Monday.

Events and exhibits during the past twelve months range from our city's industrial past and transformation, to the Civil War and dirt track racing. The museum center features arts and artists from the region, hosts community events and is home to annual shows like "Stitches In Time" for quilting enthusiasts.

In April, the museum center was among six of the state's museums invited to join the Smithsonian Affiliations by the Smithsonian Institute of Washington D.C.

That affiliation will bring more new and exciting exhibits, important artifacts, workshops, authors, performers and educational opportunities to our city and community.

Hassan says other major announcements are coming soon, including a major, international archaeological exhibit that will only be on display at three locations in the United States - Houston, Los Angeles and Cleveland, Tennessee!

In a few days, Hassan said the museum center will be announcing details about another new, important relationship, with Google.

I am a proud member of The Museum Center at 5ive Points, and have been since its first day. It has been 22 years since we formed a committee to study the feasibility of creating a museum in our city. Membership is one way all of us can support this exciting institution on Inman Street.

Along with telling the story of the Ocoee Region, the museum center had another mission from its beginning; anchoring downtown development, especially around the historic Five Points area. With the restoration of the old railroad depot and its new use as a city bus center; with the continued renewal of Inman Street and the creation of First Street Square, that mission is also being realized.

Since 1992, the museum staff, volunteers and members have created the excellent center we have now. And, as Hassan's report shows, it gets better every year.?