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Sign Permits
Sign Permit Requirements
In general, all signs must have plans prepared by a design professional registered in the State of Tennessee.  Signs that do no exceed either of the following limits are exempt from this requirement:

1. Signs where any portion of the sign is twenty feet (20') or more above the ground level; or

2. Any portion of the sign is fifteen feet (15') or more above the ground level, if the sign has more than one hundred twenty square feet (120 sq. ft.) in total sign face area.

The Sign Permit Application is available to be filled out online, or you may print a copy and bring it in to our office.

All drawings, whether or not they are prepared by a design professional, shall at a minimum include all sign dimensions and any applicable structural details.  The application also includes questions relating to the location of the sign.

For questions relating to the Sign Ordinance, such as allowable size and location, please contact Corey Divel at 423-479-1913.