Inman Street Corridor Project

UPDATE: The Inman Street Corridor Project is moving into Phase Three starting Monday, February 26, 2024 with work beginning on the portion between Church Street and Edwards Street. Inman Street between Worth Street and Edwards Street will be closed until further notice. Cross streets (Broad, Ocoee, Church, Edwards) are open for through-traffic with the exception of Parker Street which will be closed at Inman. Please use rear access, where available, to all businesses on Inman. Local traffic to businesses lacking rear access will be provided. 

Closure - 23Feb2024


This project intends to create a safer, more attractive, economically vibrant Inman Street corridor in downtown Cleveland.



In 2004, MainStreet Cleveland produced the Downtown Master Plan. The plan is well-suited for the City of Cleveland and has served the downtown well. As implementation is ongoing, and continued implementation of the plan is recommended, it is critical that future planning efforts reflect the recommendations of the plan. The Inman Street Corridor Project is the next phase in the Downtown Master Plan.

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The 2010 BCC2035 joint strategic plan between Bradley County, Cleveland, and Charleston shaped the evaluation of existing and future land use and was foundational to the land use planning in the 2013 Comprehensive Plan. In 2013, the City of Cleveland embarked on developing a Comprehensive Plan that included a small area plan encompassing a downtown redevelopment area. This small area plan, known as the Central City Area (CCA) Plan identified a number of “targeted planning challenges,” including vacancy rates, housing, connectivity, greenway connections, mobility, infrastructure, and a pedestrian friendly downtown. A community survey was subsequently initiated by the City Council in December 2016 that gathered the opinions of Cleveland residents with an emphasis on downtown. 

The City of Cleveland reimagined the heart of the city in the 2019 Downtown Revitalization Plan with the vision of revitalizing and enhancing downtown into a more livable, vibrant, memorable, and welcoming destination for all. At the center of two decades of community input, planning, and studies stands the Inman Street Corridor, the major east-west downtown corridor, and Ocoee Street/Broad Street which are the major north south downtown corridor; together these streets form the axis of the existing downtown redevelopment plan area.


The Inman Street Corridor serves as a gateway to the heart of Cleveland. The City is now ready to implement the community’s two decades old vision of creating a pedestrian friendly, attractive streetscape, that will catalyze redevelopment and investment in downtown.

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Over the course of the past twenty years, citizens of Cleveland have been deeply involved in discussions, planning, and the need for downtown revitalization, as evidenced by the 2004 MainStreet Downtown Master Plan, 2013 BCC Strategic Plan, 2016 Community Survey, and the 2019 Downtown Revitalization Plan. The successful implementation of this project will depend on stakeholder communication throughout the construction phase. City staff will be corresponding with property and business owners, as well as the public, to provide steady updates and information on the progress of the project.


Updated Timeline


The Inman Street Corridor Project will transform a semi-urban, auto-oriented corridor that is frequently used as a pass through on the way to somewhere else into a more urban, multi-modal corridor providing safe and attractive transportation and environment for pedestrians, transit, and autos while creating a unique urban district with a variety of opportunities for people to stay and discover our wonderful community.

With the City of Cleveland’s population estimated to grow over 80% in the next twenty years, greater density and more efficient use of existing infrastructure will be necessary to accommodate the growth while improving our existing built environment. The City of Cleveland’s investment in the Inman Street Corridor aims to give confidence to investors and developers to drive economic development downtown. Based on all models studied by City staff, this will provide greater opportunities for housing, retail, restaurants, and tourism. It will create a more attractive environment for economic growth, promote density, and help keep taxes on current residents low.



Project plans, timelines, and updates will be communicated to the affected property and business owners within the corridor and to the general public. The City of Cleveland’s website will host a page where general information as well as regular construction updates may be posted. Property and business owners in the corridor will receive in-person visits by the project’s communications team to discuss the timeline, set expectations, and work with property owners ahead of potential interruptions. With the help of MainStreet Cleveland, open meetings will be convened to provide project information to interested parties.


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