Public Service Unit

Duties & Mission

The Public Service Unit (PSU) is a volunteer program that consists of non-sworn positions intended to support the police department and the City of Cleveland.

The mission of the Public Service Unit is to enhance the effectiveness of the patrol division by serving as a community oriented program of the department and by performing non-law enforcement duties and relieving Patrol Officers of those duties.

Public Service Unit duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting stranded motorists by battery boost, welfare checks on citizens, monitoring and reporting traffic problems (speeding etc.).
  • Pick up and/or deliver departmental supplies, property, personnel, and paperwork at the direction of patrol supervisors and staff.
  • Performing traffic control functions to include: directing traffic at accident scenes, funeral escorts, parades, extra patrols, and other functions at the direction of supervision.


The Public Service Unit is under the supervision of the support services commander and answers directly to the Support Services Manager, Travis Weber.

If you would like more information on the Public Service Unit and how you can be part of this important organization in your community, please email Travis Weber or call at (423) 559-3390.