Crime Prevention


The Cleveland Police Department's Crime Prevention Program will focus on crime prevention based on annual crime data by crime types and geographic areas as well as address community perceptions and misconceptions of crime.

Annually, about 75 to 80% of crime in the City of Cleveland involves property crimes. A significant portion of this crime involves unsecured property, inadequately identified property, and inadequate provisions for security. It further appears that local residents within Bradley County commit the bulk of property crime, and that most of the minor crimes occurring in businesses and residential areas involve local residents.


Accordingly, The Department's Community Oriented Policing programs are designed to educate our community members on how they can lessen their chances of becoming a statistic. While these programs are only a small part of a comprehensive law enforcement effort, they focus on the prevention of crime from available crime data reports.

Program Focus

In focusing on the prevention of property crime and strengthening community relations, the following departmental programs are available for instruction:

Further Information

To inquire more about this program or to inquire and/or schedule a public education program for your business or organization , please contact Lieutenant Scott or Bronze or Sergeant Evie West with the Community Relations Unit.