Leaf Collection

The City of Cleveland leaf collection leaves between October 30th and January 31st each season. Public Work crews operate on a bi-weekly collection route beginning with Route on Monday and finishing with Route 10 the following Friday. The schedule may occasionally deviate depending on the leaf drop volume in certain areas around the city.

City of Cleveland Leaf Collection Schedule

Leaf Collection Map


1. Separate loose leaves from dirt, twigs, branches, rock and other debris.

2. Place your loose leaves as close to the curb or to the edge of the pavement as possible.

3. Please do not rake leaves into storm drains or catch basins.

4. Avoid raking leaves into ditches or on the street. This may cause flooding problems which negatively impact our water quality.

5. Limbs/brush should be placed into a separate pile for collection and may not be combined with leaf piles.


Please contact the Public Works Department if your leaves are not collected or if you have any questions about the City's leaf collection procedures.

Phone: (423) 472-2851