Criminal Investigations


The Criminal Investigations Unit is tasked with follow-up investigative work for reported crimes and ongoing criminal activity within the City of Cleveland. Each detective is trained in specialties such as property crimes, crimes against persons, drug crimes, intelligence gathering, economic crimes and fraud.

General Investigations

General investigations cases are assigned to individual detectives, but all cases are worked in a team fashion. This team oriented approach allows for the most efficient communication and best overall chance for solving cases.

Special Investigations

The special investigations unit devotes its investigative efforts towards a variety of activities based on current needs of the department. Some of their responsibilities include investigations concerning illegal narcotics trafficking and abuse, vice related crimes, and alcohol related offenses. The unit's flexibility allows it to proactively work towards identifying and combating other criminal activities and street conditions as necessary.

Support Services

Within the Criminal Investigations Division are support services, which provide vital assistance to police personnel. These include crime scene investigation, property and evidence, and codes enforcement.