The Public Works Department is responsible for the paving and maintenance of all city streets. We have crews dedicated to street cut repairs and inspections, pothole repairs, street sweeping, and snow removal.

Utility Street Cut Policy

A permit must be obtained from Public Works prior to cutting into a city street or sidewalk. There is a $265.00 base fee per street cut for areas 48 square feet or less. There is a $3.00 charge per additional square foot for areas exceeding 48 square feet. Click to obtain a copy of the permit (PDF) and guidelines (PDF) or contact us at 423-472-2851.

Pothole Repair

The Public Works Department has a crew responsible for asphalt work such as pothole repairs. We always strive to keep our roadways well maintained. Please note that asphalt plants are not in operation during the colder months. During this time, a "cold mix" can be used to repair potholes; however, the longevity of this type of mix is not comparable to asphalt.

Driveway Aprons/Curbs

Our asphalt crew installs curbs and driveway aprons, upon request. There is typically a two week turn-around time for installation depending on the time of year the request is made. Please note that the asphalt plants are not in operation during the colder months; therefore, there may be a longer wait for installation.

Street Sweeping

Streets are swept twice a month. If your street needs immediate attention, please contact our department and we will try to accommodate your request.

Snow Removal

Our policy regarding snow removal is to try to remove all snow within 24 hours from major roads first, collectors second, and then residential streets.

Major Paving

Each year, depending on the availability of funds, the City will complete several major paving projects. The construction inspector evaluates city streets throughout the year. He will then prioritize the streets and provide an annual list to the director. Streets with structural deficiencies that could create hazardous or unsafe roadway conditions are given highest priority.

Temporary Street Closures

A temporary street closure request form must be filled out by the person/agency requesting the closure and returned to the City for approval. We require 10 business days for the approval process. This will ensure that all departments affected by the closure (i.e. emergency personnel) have been contacted. Click hereto obtain a temporary street closure request form or contact us at 423-472-2851.

Please Note: We try our best to accommodate barricade requests; however, they are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. If your request cannot be accommodated, it is your responsibility to provide necessary traffic signage, barricades and/or cones.