Housing Authority


The Cleveland House Authority meets on the 3rd Monday of the month.

About the Housing Authority

By law, the Cleveland Housing Authority board is required to make policy decisions, to determine how programs are administered, to obtain funds from various sources and protect funds needed to keep the Public Housing Agency (PHA) operating. Commissioners are responsible for the actions and decisions made by the Executive Director and other PHA staff.


The Cleveland Housing Authority Board has five members, serving a five-year staggered term.

Members & Expiration

  • Sharron Thompson
    November 2020
  • Victoria Edge
    November 2021
  • Ken Melton
    November 2022
  • Joe Washington
    November 2023
  • David Durkin
    November 2023
  • Ed Lay (Chairman)
    November 2019
  • Jerry Bohannon
    November 2019