Downtown Redevelopment

The city presented the final Downtown Redevelopment Master Plan to the public on May 13, 2019. This plan was developed through a community driven process and is a roadmap for downtown's future development and it will assist city leaders, stake holders and the community to prioritize investments and overall placemaking for downtown Cleveland.

5 points park plaza

In 2000, the city's first Downtown Master Plan was created which established a path to help shape development in downtown Cleveland. In 2018, the city of Cleveland hired WSP, a global engineering and professional services firm, in Nashville, TN, to develop a strategic master plan designed to transform downtown Cleveland. The firm's expertise ranges from environmental remediation and urban planning, to engineering iconic buildings and designing sustainable transport networks, to developing the energy sources of the future and enabling new ways of extracting essential resources. The vision of WSP's plan focuses on how to revitalize and enhance downtown into a more livable, vibrant, memorable, and welcoming destination for all. 

The planning process took several months and the project team worked closely with a variety of downtown stakeholders- including property owners, businesses, developers, the Downtown Steering Committee, neighborhood schools, local universities, non-profits, philanthropies and elected officials - to develop a unified and cohesive vision and comprehensive implementation strategy. In addition to WSP, the project team also included Barge Design Solution and Elemi (architecture, planning and urban design).

Downtown Revitalization Area
Inman Street Corridor

The Old Woolen Mill District
The Moore Building
Whirlpool Technology and Park District
Inman Street Corridor
The Museum District
Cherokee Hotel


Cleveland City Council Presentation 5-13-2019 (PDF)
Core Revitalization Plan and Market Study (PDF)
Inman Street Corridor Traffic Study (PDF)
BCC 2035 Strategic Plan (PDF)
Blythe-Oldfield Master Plan (PDF)


Community Meeting Number 1: Overview and Introduction to the Project

April 9, 2018 1:00 p.m. to Cleveland City Council Room
The consultant team presented an overview of the project. As a part of the presentation, ideas and feedback were solicited from the Mayor and members of the City Council in response to a series of questions. Others attending the meeting were provided the opportunity to place colored dots on a map of downtown Cleveland to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities.

Community Meeting Number 2: Downtown Steering Committee

April 17, 2018 - Museum Center at Five Points
The consultant team held its initial meeting with the Downtown Steering Committee. Committee members responded to a series of questions to solicit ideas from and the consultant provided an overview of the project.

Community Meeting Number 3: Stakeholder Outreach

April 17 to 19, 2018 - Downtown Cleveland
The consultant team interviewed and met with a variety of stakeholders throughout the study areas and along the Inman Street corridor. This initial outreach effort resulted in the following themes and areas of focus during the planning effort: Safety, Preserving History, Nightlife, Affordable Activities, Arts and Culture, Everyday Needs, Connection/Access, Lee University, Density, Homelessness, Parking, Inman Street Road Diet, Value, Development, Beautification, Cherokee Hotel, Old Woolen Mill, and the Moore Building

Community Meeting Number 4: City of Cleveland Meeting

 April 19, 2018 - Cleveland Municipal Building
The consultant team met with representatives from the City of Cleveland to gather input on their perspectives about downtown Cleveland, as well as to discuss any comments received during the Downtown Steering Committee meeting or in meetings held with various community representatives.

Community Meeting Number 5: Student Engagement

 May 9, 2018 - Arnold Elementary School

The consultant team met with several 4th grade Arnold Elementary School students and teachers to gather their input and ideas on the future of downtown Cleveland.

Community Meeting Number 6: Downtown Steering Committee Meeting #2

 August 7, 2018 - Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce
The consultant team met with the Downtown Steering Committee to discuss outreach of the community. The downtown area was divided into four districts: 1. North Inman Street 2. Museum District 3. Old Woolen Mill District 4. Whirlpool District

Community Charrettes: Series of Workshops

 August 7 to 9, 2018 - Museum Center at Five Points
The consultant team a held series of charrettes. Each charrette lasted 1.5 hours and involved various stakeholders and members of the public. Thirteen (13) charrettes were held and 173 Cleveland residents and stakeholders participated throughout the workshops.

Final Meeting/Presentation: Cleveland City Council

 May 13, 2019 - Cleveland Municipal Building
The consultant team presented the final recommendations outlined in the new Downtown Revitalization Plan to the Downtown Steering Committee, Mayor and City Council.